The cost for training will depend on your  schedule  and the            amount of days you can  make per week.  Everyone has very            different schedules & I adjust on the fly so  as to make it work      for you.

   If you are interested, it is better if you  email & eventually call      me as we need to  discuss your childs background. We have          many kids that are new & some that have  been training for 5        years. The kids that  have the experience of many races are            great when a new comer joins our team.  We work together &        most of all have a  blast while training. 

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 1. Triathlon,Duathlon & Aquathon coaching is available & instructed by coach  George Manekas. 

 2. Our instruction includes everything from the basics of the sport to the  more      advanced dynamics of triathlon & duathlon racing.

 3. My philosophy is to apply our time to specific training geared towards  the          race distance for your age group. 
 With this is mind we can allow a child in a very short period of time to be              prepared to complete his or her first event.

 4. For the more advanced, the training is geared towards faster results  with          training that is of a more intense variety.

 5. Besides training for the swim, bike & run portion of the event, the kids  are        instructed in the proper technique in transitioning from the swim to  the              bike & then to the run. Proper pacing is another key ingredient to the                    training as most kids are more apt to take off & find themselves laboring  as      newcomers.

 6. We train at FIU campus which also allows the kids to train on the course              that they will be racing. This adds a level of confidence come race day.

 7. Our sessions are after school & on Sat mornings. The sessions are for  90             minutes & are planned with other kids that will fit in with your child’s  level       of   ability.

 8. For those interested in cost & specific time sessions you are welcomed  to          contact me at:
     cell: 954 303 2266

 Kids Triathlon & Duathlon             Coaching